About the Shaman

Who is the Shaman Carpenter?

Shaman Carpenter
I am a Native of Colorado, a husband, a student, a professional software engineer, and an artist at heart. 
I have a 2nd degree black belt in Chinese Shaolin Kug Fu. I am a rock climber, ice climber, kayaker and mountain biker. I have experienced many things, and I'm told the energy of those experiences comes through my art. Through this site, I hope to expose that art and make the energetic experience of our world that I hold so dear available to anyone who will appreciate it.

I hold a very deep respect for nature. By tuning in to that connection with nature, I have learned how to channel some of the positive energy of the earth into the the art I make. I've also learned some of the basic techniques of Reiki and I've discovered that the movement of energy in one discipline is very similar to the other. My years of dedication to the martial arts have strengthened this ability and have provided an interesting place to practice these skills.
It is my hope that I can help others discover the innate positive energy that exists all around us by manifesting positive intention, healing, and purity in the very physical expressive works I have made available here.

I hope you enjoy what you see and more importantly, I hope you can feel what I do through the art I share.